Qualified Jewellery on Premises

At Barnett’s Jewellery we offer you the ability to create and style jewellery that is designed to reflect you.  Specialising in creating custom made jewellery that can reflect your story.

With three decades of experience we hope to be able to create your desired pieces with your personal touches.

Pearl Jewellery

Pearl Wrap Bracelet

Hand-Crafted Designs


Custom Made Ring


Custom Made Jewellery

At Barnett’s Jewellery we look forward to helping with your inspirations and desires.  If you’re thinking of restoration or repair of family heirlooms please talk to us, I am happy to advise the best way forward.

Product Specifications

For some jewellery products we offer a 3-D CAD design by doing this I can show specific dimensions of the piece to be created a specific price.

At Barnett’s Jewellery, we are proud to restore and invigorate your heart.  Think of family heirlooms, such as your grandmothers engagement ring or a special pendant necklace passed from one generation to the next.

Over three decades of precision jewellery manufacturing under one roof…

We understand the timelessness of pre-loved jewellery and strive to always capture its original essence in your new resigned piece.  We can make jewellery into a new ring, pendant, earrings so you still have an heirloom to cherish in a style that truly reflects you.

Whether it be to add to your collection, that firstspecial wristwatch or the restoration of a much lovedheirloom we are here to help.
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