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At Barnett’s Jewellery, we pride ourselves on being able to provide beautiful, unique jewellery to our customers.

Barnett’s Jewellery was established in 1981 by Ron Barnett. In 1991, Jacque Edwards took over the business and has been running it ever since. Jacque’s experience as a jeweller means she can provide sound advice, whilst her passion of the trade shines through on the finer details and unique requests. She is honest and sometimes frank; if a job is more complex than Jacque can provide a solution for, she has a network of specialised jewellers who can help. Many of our jewellery items are handmade so we often have only a few items in stock of those products – if you are after something special, please don’t hesitate to call 03 9379 5538  mob;0409818711 or visit our store.